The Engineer Company

Dipl.- Ing. Jens Gürtler and Dipl.- Ing. Andreas Kaplan founded Gürtler & Kaplan and opened the Raguhn office in 1990. Our second office was opened in Dresden in 2000.

For now more than 25 years our companies architects and engineers consult and chaperone our customers building constructions from the first drawing to handing over the keys as a full service inside major projects.

Our principal:

Fulfilment, with one contacts person taking charge of the responsibility for a realisation on high quality standards of construction – always in closely to the intent of the building owner.

Experienced personal and tight organisation allow us to be prepared for unforeseeable incidence and be able to act swiftly and accordingly. If necessary we can install on-site project offices and the possibility to have Gürtler & Kaplan personal on-premise.

Over many years as engineering procurement construction contractors we have been able to build a network with a total of 20 planning offices. This network enables us to rely on over 100 architects, engineers and specialized personal.

Thus every planing skill is available at our dispense and enables Gürtler & Kaplan an uncomplicated integration and management specializing in sanitary, electrics, venting, health & safety. You will also find railway planing, quality management and safety precaution on construction sites as part of our portfolio.

Projects and constructing intents are planed effectively, coordinated steadily and finished timely all in coherence to the building constructors needs.